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Date Speaker Description
14/09/2007 various

14.00   Decision Making in Retinal Detachment Repair - Andrew Luff, Consultant Ophthalmologist

14.45   Acute Retinal Necrosis - Review by Richard Wintle, Vitreoretinal ASTO

15.30   Tea

16.00   AMD & NICE - not nice at all! - open discussion to be lead by Andrew Luff, Consultant Ophthalmologist


21/09/2007 Cancelled


28/09/2007 Elizabeth Robertson, Health Services Library

Provsional Programme may be subject to change:

13.30   Examination of Patients

14.30   Discussion of Patients

15.30   Tea

16.00  The Desktop Library: Elizabeth Robertson


05/10/2007 Dr R Smith, Consultant Rheumatologist

13.45   Examination of Cases in the Eye Clinic

15.00   Case Discussions and Presentations in the Hospital Boardroom

15.45   Tea

16.00   Ocular Manifestation of Rheumatic Diseases: Dr R Smith, Consultant Rheumatologist

12/10/2007 Guest Speaker: Dr Lama, New Jersey, USA

13.00    Lunch

14.00    Is there still a role for beta blockers in the management of POAG?  Dr Paul Lama

15.00    Tea

15.30    Surgical Glaucoma Cases: Rogers, Lockwood & Ramchandani

             SLT: Aditi, Ramchandani

16.30    Finish

19/10/2007 Guest Speaker: Mr Ron Douglas, School of Optometry & Visual Science, London

13.30  Neuropathology  Dr Patrick Gallagher

14.30  TBA

15.30  Tea

16.00  Visions of the Deep: the eyes and bioluminescence of fish inhabiting the deep-ocean. 

26/10/2007 no speaker

13.45   Tour of Eye Unit:  Alarm Bells

14.00  Management of Anaphylactic Shock:  Dr Kate Bush, SHO


16.00  Tea

16.20  Management of Facial Palsy in Eye Casualty:  Mrs Hannah Gaston, Consultant Ophthalmologist

02/11/2007 Regional Study Day

No Teaching in Southampton due to Regional Training Day and Undergraduate Teaching Week.


Topics include:

Pupil abnormalties

Idiopathic intracranial hypertension

Neuro-ophthalmological manifestations of cognitive disorders


09/11/2007 no guest speaker

13.30   Neuropathology Session:  Dr PatrickGallagher

14.30   Scenario Planning -  Future of  Ophthalmology: Steve Lash

15.15   Tea

15.30   Complications of Cataract Surgery - Rob Morris

            Capsular Block - Kunal Dansingani

            Management of Capsule Rupture - Steve Lash

            Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome - Adam Hustler

16.30   Finish

16/11/2007 Combined SAS Doctors & PG Teaching Session

14.00   The Face Place   Loraraine Clapham

15.00   Uveitis Update   Mr Nigel Hall

16.00   Tea Sponsored by Allergan

16.30    Ophthalmology in Egypt   Mrs Hannah Gaston

23/11/2007 Mr James McAllister, Institute of Ophthalmology & Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

13.30    Examination of Patients

14.30     Discussion of Patients

15.00     Research Update:  Mr Parwez Hossain

15.20     Tea sponsored by Alcon

15.40     Gene Therapeutic Strategies to Improve Corneal Graft Survival: Mr James McAllister, Institute of Ophthalmology & Moorfields Eye Hospital

30/11/2007 Marcia Zondervan, (VISION 2020 Links Programme Manager, Lecturer/DCEH Course Organiser, International Centre for Eye Health, Londson School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

14.00   Case Presentation: Kunal Dansingani

14.15   Neovascular Glaucoma: Shabeeba Hanan

15.00   The Great Debate: Penetrating vs Non-Penetrating Glaucoma Surgery: Adam Hustler,  Dan Hornan, Aris Konstantopoulos, Kate Bush.

16.00   Tea sponsored by Merck

16.30   Developing Links with Makerere, Uganda:     Marcia Zondervan,

17.00   Finish

07/12/2007 Combined Neuro-Ophthalmology Session


14/12/2007 Mr Ben Parkin, Consultant Ophhtalmologist, Royal Bournemouth Hospital

13.30  Neuropathology  Dr Patrick Gallagher

14.30  Examination and Discussion of Patients

15.15  Non-Surgical Treatment of Skin Cancer:  Doreen Khan Lim, SpR, Southampton

15.45  Tea

16.15  Photodynamic Therapy for BCC: Ben Parkin, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Bournemouth

21/12/2007 Christmas Quiz

14.00  QUIZ

15.00   Christmas tea!

15.30    Finish

04/01/2008 Neuro-radiology Session

13.30  Neuropathology  Dr Patrick Gallagher

Rest of agenda tba

11/01/2008 Speaker: One of Professor Lotery's Research Team


12.00   (To include buffet lunch Room LF9, South Lab & Path Block, SGH) Series of 5 short talks representing each of the speciatlies within Clinical Neurosciences including Ophthalmology:   

Brain Injury and Stem Cells:  Professor Liam Gray/Dr Sandrine Willaime-Morawek

Language and Dementia:   Dr Peter Garrard

Progress in Eye Research:  Professor Andrew Lotery

Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease:  Professor James Nicoll/Professor Clive Holmes: 

Traumatic Brain Injury:  Dr Tony Belli/ /Dr Asjle Pringle

 Please see website for more details of the Divison of Clinical Neurosciences -   

14.00  Tour of Clinical Neurosciences Division (Level D, South Lab and Path Block) to view research facillities, poster displays, interactive workstations and "hands on" experimental demonstrations.

15.00   (For Ophthalmic Clinical and Research Staff ONLY:  return to Eye Unit Seminar Room for tea/coffee) Lecture by member of Professor Lotery's Research Team.

16.00   Finish

16/01/2008 n/a Registrars Audit and Presentation Day
18/01/2008 Dr Fatima Shawcat, Senior Scientist, Great Ormond Street Hospital & Southampton Eye Unit

2.00 pm   Training and Demonstration of new LogMar System:  Professor David Thomson

3.00 pm   Birdshot Chorioretinopathy: Case Presentations - Mr Nigel Hall

3.30 pm   Tea

16.00      Overview of Clinical Visual Electrophysiology:  Dr Fatima Shawcat

25/01/2008 Mr Naresh Joshi, Consultant in Oculoplastics, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

14.00   Examination of Patients

14.45   Discussion of Cases

15.15   Building Blocks in Lower Lid Reconstruction:  Ruth Manners, Consultant Ophthalmologist

15.45   Short talk (subject tbc):  Doreen Khan-Lim, ASTO in Oculoplastics

16.10   Tea

16.30   Tips for Reconstructive and Aesthetic Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery:  Mr Naresh Joshi, Consultant in Oculoplastics

01/02/2008 no external speaker

14.00  Clinical Cases in Eye Clinic, Level 3

15.00  Discussion of Cases in Room 7, Level 4

15.30  Tea

16.00  Lecture by Meon Lamont, SpR

16.20  Lecutre by Rick Collyer-Powell, Consultant

15/02/2008 Mr Steve Thomson

13.30  Neuropathology  Dr Patrick Gallagher

14.30  Examinaton of Patients

15.30  Discussion of Patients

16.00  Tea sponsored by Allergan

16.30  IOL's I Have Known:  Mr Andrew Luff, Consultant Ophthalmologist

29/02/2008 tba

14.00  Examination of Patients

15.00   Discussion of Cases

15.30    WPBA's (workplace based assessments):  David Anderson, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Southampton

16.00   Tea sponsored by Allergan (Ben)

16.30  New Immunomodulatory Treatments for Corneal Disease:  Jim McAllister, Corneal Fellow, Southampton

07/03/2008 Regional Study Day, Salisbury

9.30 am                      Welcome - Outline of Study Day



9.40 – 10.30am           Registrar Presentations – Cornea & External Eye Disease


10.30 -11.00 am         Coffee Break


11.00 – 11.40 am       ‘Refractive Surgery & IOL calculations’

                                    Mr David Anderson, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton


11.40 – 12.20 pm        ‘Hyperopic LASIK’

                                    Mr David O’Brart, Consultant Ophthalmologist, St Thomas’ Hospital, London


12.20 – 1.00 pm         ‘Advances in Anterior Segment Imaging’

                                    Mr Parwez Hossain, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton


1.00 – 2.00 pm            Lunch


2.00 – 2.30 pm            ‘Management Sight Threatening Peripheral Corneal Ulceration’

                                    Mr Parwez Hossain, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton


2.30 – 3.00 pm            ‘Advances in Dry Eye Disease Management’

                                    Professor Tony Bron, Professor of Ophthalmology

                                    University of Oxford, Oxford


3.00 – 3.30 pm            ‘Management of Allergic Eye Disease’,

                                    Mr David Anderson, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton


3.30 – 4.00 pm            Coffee Break


4.00 – 4.40 pm            Advances in Examination of the Ocular Surface

                                    Professor Christophe Bauduoin, Professor of Ophthalmology, Quinze-Vingts Hospital, Paris

14/03/2008 Mr Alex Macleod

Afternoon to be led by  Mr Alex Macleod

13.30  Neuropathology  Dr Patrick Gallagher

14.30 Narrow angles, gonioscopy.

16.00 Dr Tiarnan Keenan (Best talk prize at UK Glaucoma Society Meeting 2007)

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