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Date Speaker Description
28/03/2008 Mr Richard Newsom

Retinal cases

Talk on retinal vein occlusions

04/04/2008 tba

Teaching has been cancelled by Basingstoke

11/04/2008 tba


Lunch and Tea Sponsored by Allergan

13.30  Neuropathology Session: Dr Patrick Gallagher

14.30  Examination and Discussion of Patients

15.45   Juvenile Xanthogranuloma:  SpR

15.45   Tea

16.15   Two Guest Lectures by Mr David Verity, Consultant Opthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

Orbital Inflammations and Infections

Orbital Dermoids

18/04/2008 tba

14.00  Discussion: Acute Onset of Esotropia in Young Children - 3 cases; Luke Anderson

14.45  Report:  Diabetic Retinopathy; Ann Clover

15.15  Tea

15.45  Cataract Surgery in India - Personal Experience of a Trip with Jenny Watts; Debjoy Mallik

22/04/2008 17.30 hrs Tuesday Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy
25/04/2008 tba


13.00  Lunch provided by Allergan

14.00  Examination of Patients: Eye OPD

15.00  Discussion of Pateints: Eye Seminar Room

15.30  Tea

16.00  Short Talks:  Ruth Dibigbo & Kunal Dansinghani

29/04/2008 17.30 hrs Tuesday

23 vs 25 gauge vitrectomy

02/05/2008 tba

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06/05/2008 17.30 hrs Tuesday

Toxoplasma and the Eye

09/05/2008 tba

13.30  Neuropathology: Dr Patrick Gallagher - First Year Class Room, D Level, South Lab & Path Block, SGH

The agenda for the rest of the afternoon still to be confirmed

13/05/2008 17.30 hrs Tuesday

ARVO Update

16/05/2008 tba

12.30  Lunch provided by Allergan

14.00  Examination and Discussion of Patients in the Eye OPD

15.00  Tea sponsored by Allergan

15.30  All doctors to make their way to Room AB222 where the 4th Conference Ophthalmic Presentations will be taking place chaired by Dr M Rogerson.

Session Commences:  15.45

Coherence Tomogram as Screening Methods for Early Detection of Diabetic Maculopathy: A Pilot Study - Daniel Alston

Contact Lens Wear Practice After an Episode of Contact Lens Associated Keratitis:  Roger Kung

Analysis of the Corneal InflammatoryResp9onse using the Visante OCT:  Said Muhidin

20/05/2008 17.30 hrs Tuesday

Choroideremia and other Choroidal Dystrophies

23/05/2008 Angela Cotton

14.00 - 17.00 hrs  Laser Safety

The session will cover the MHRA's "core of knowledge" syllabus for laser safety, ie characteristics of laser light; hazards and interactions with tissue; laser legislation, regulation and guidance, and practical laser safety.

This is a compulsory session for ALL Eye Unit Doctors and any Doctors who are likely to be rotating to Southampton. 

Following an Inspection by the HSE a list of authorised laser users is to be drawn up and  if your name is not on the list thenyou will not be able to laser until you are and this will not happen until you have been issued with a Laser Safety Certificate.

27/05/2008 17.30 hrs Tuesday

White Dots in the Fundus - Differential Diagnosis - Part 2

30/05/2008 tba


1.45  Equest Update: David Cable

2.30  Uses of Anterior Segment OCT in Filtration Bleb and Corneal Thickenss  Assessment:                        Aris Konstantopoulos

3.15  Surgical Eye Camp in Mandalay

3.45  Tea sponsored by Alcon

4.00  Population Based Evidence in Angle Closure Glaucoma

03/06/2008 17.30 hrs Tuesday

The PASCAL Laser System

04/06/2008 Wednesday 17.30 Examination of the cornea andd anterior segment
06/06/2008 Professor A J Lotery / Mr Richard Newsom

12.30 Lunch MSD

13.30  Clinical Cases

14.15  Discussion of Cases

15.30  Tea Sponsored by MSD

16.00  Combining Gene Therapy and Stemm Cells in the Treatment of Retinal Disease:  Mr Robert McLaren, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Wellcome Fellow, Moorfields Eye Hospital

10/06/2008 17.30 hrs Tuesday

Case Presentations

11/06/2008 Farid Afshar tba
13/06/2008 Mr Rob Morris

Afternoon to be lead by Mr Rob Morris

Lunch and Tea provided by Iris Healthcare Ltd

12.30  Lunch

14.00  Management of Superior Oblique Palsies: Marion Headley-Lewis & Elizabeth O'Flynn

15..00  Tea

15.30  Squint Video Presentations:  Rob Morris & Marion Headley-Lewis

17/06/2008 Jay Self Oculogenetic talk from Friday Teaching
18/06/2008 Parwez Hossain Orbscan topography
20/06/2008 Mr Jonathan Lochhead

12.30   Lunch Provided by Allergan

13.30   Case Presentation - Ms Radhika Krishnan

14.00   IVT Macugen for Recurrent Vitreous Haemorrhage - Mr Jonathan Lochhead

15.00   Tea Provided by Allergan

15.30   tba - Jay Self

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