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Forthcoming Topics:

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Date Speaker Description
24/06/2008 Kate Bush

Paediatric Retinal Detachment

25/06/2008 Aris Konstantopoulos Keratoconus and other corneal degenerations
27/06/2008 various speakers

Oculoplastic Study Day - Salisbury

Topics to Include:

anatomy, basic techniques, entropion, ectropion, the anophthalmic socket, ptosis, tumour management, eyelid reconstruction, blepharoplasty and orbital disease

Fee:  £135.00 including lunch and snacks  (6 CPD hours)

To reserve a place please contact: Course Organisers, Education Department, Level Five, Salisbury District Hospital SP2 8BJ

01/07/2008 Kunal Dansingani

How to do a Vitrectomy

02/07/2008 Aline Stinghe Limbal stem cells in corenal pathology
04/07/2008 Neuro-radiology Session TEACHING CANCELLED
08/07/2008 Farid Afshar Ocular Ischaemia Syndrome
09/07/2008 Dan Hornan Corneal dystrophies - Bowmans membrane
11/07/2008 tba Afternoonto be led by Ashwin Pinto & Nigel Hall
15/07/2008 Simon Rogers Management of Retinal Tears
16/07/2008 Simon Rogers Corneal dystrophies - Stromal
22/07/2008 Ruth Dibigbo Choice of Surgical Procedure in Rhegmatogenous RD
22/07/2008 Shabeeba Hannan Acute Retinal Necrosis
25/07/2008 Dr Brooke, Consultant Rheumatologist

NB:  THIS PROGRAMME WILL NOW TAKE PLACE IN THE AUTUMN                                            14.00  Pathophysiology of Macular Oedema:  Will Meacock, Consultant Ophthalmologist

14.45  Short Talk:  Sam Khandadhia, Associate Specialist

15.10  PASCAL Lasering:  Ann Clover, Associate Specialist

15.30   Tea

16.00   Guest Lecture:  Dr Brooke, Consultant Rheumatologist, RHCH

02/09/2008 Sam Khandadhia


03/09/2008 Kunal Dansingani Corneal dystrophies: Endothelial
05/09/2008 speaker tba Details tba
09/09/2008 Aris Konstantopoulos

Journal Club

09/09/2008 Rory McClennaghan


Tuesday 9 September: 8.15 am

Contact Lenses

12/09/2008 speaker tba

Corneal Teaching

14.00 - 16.30

RCOphth Workplace Based Assessment (WBA) of 'Cornea and External Eye Disease'

Eye OPD with examination of patients for the following WBA:

1  Clinical Rating Scale CR5 (Outcome CA5: External Eye Examination ) link:

2  Clinical Rating Scale CRS9 (CA9: Use of Slit Lamp) link:

Tea sponsored by MERCK (Julie Lucas)

16/09/2008 Charles Pierce

Endophthalmitis - recognition and management

17/09/2008 Rory McClenaghan Contact lens wear and handling
19/09/2008 speaker tba

13.30  Neuropathology Teaching: Patrick Gallagher

14.30  Examination of Patients

15.15  Discussion of Patients

16.00  Tea - Sponsored by Pfizer

16.30  Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty and Other Laser Treatments for Glaucoma: Mr Mahesh Ramchandani, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Royal Bournemouth Hospital

23/09/2008 Aris Konstantopoulos Corneal burns
23/09/2008 Christina Rennie Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion
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